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Through my pedagogy, I strive to  foster:

  • Accessibility and Inclusivity. I believe  that students can only recognize themselves as sites of knowledge when they have both equitable entry into and possibilities for participation within the space of the classroom.

  • Opportunities for Safe Risks. I recognize that learning happens when students feel safe to experiment with new conceptual frames and engage with new platforms and practices.

  • Critical thinking. I understand that the classroom is not an isolated space, but one that is both composed of and in relation to other spaces and contexts. As a whole, my pedagogy centers around the goals of access and inclusion while simultaneously striving to empower students through their learning.


I recognize the classroom as a space of flux and, thus, requiring flexible and adaptable pedagogical practices. As such, I continue to revise my practices to respond to the needs of students, the conversations in my field, and the available material resources. I believe that, by accounting for these factors, I can create a stabilizing space for students in the inherently unstable space of the classroom.


Students in my Fall 2018 Mobile Communication course, identifying the properties of early mobile games from the 1970s and 1980s. 

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