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The central theme of my research relates to user's (or people's) experiences with digitally networked technologies, like mobile smartphones, virtual reality headsets, IoT, and even autonomous vehicles.  I ask questions about:

  • how the contexts (material, technological, social, economic) of use shape experiences with and communication through digitally networked technologies?

  • how does the way we talk about new and emerging digitally networked technologies compare with lived experiences?

  • how do infrastructures underpin our experiences with digitally networked technologies?

  • how do digitally networked technologies shape the way we socialize, maintain relationships, and interact with the world around us?

I am also the Associate Director of the Networked Mobilities Lab (NML) at NC State University (NCSU). This lab promotes interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research on mobilities enabled by mobile and networked technologies. We aim at understanding the different ways people, spaces and mobile networked technologies are interconnected in contemporary society. 

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