I am currently working on several projects, but my primary focus is completing my dissertation. In this dissertation, I examine the shift to edge computing, considering how this emergent infrastructure produces differential spaces, mobilities, and ways of knowing. Beyond this, I am also collaborating on several projects that consider how networked technologies mediate communication and mobilities, as some users contend with various forms of precarity. 

I am also an affiliate researcher with the Mobile Gaming Research Lab (MGRL) at N.C. State University. The MRGL promotes interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research of mobile games as well as game studies in general. As a part of my work with the MGRL, we have built a Mobile Gaming Database which is now available to the public. This database was developed as part of the Mobile Gaming Research Lab's effort to promote the study of mobile games as a relevant aspect of early digital culture. This database includes entries of mobile games (location-based, hybrid reality, pervasive, and handheld) from the years 1977-2008. 

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