The Mobile Gaming Database

This database was developed as part of the Mobile Gaming Research Lab's effort to promote the study of mobile games as a relevant aspect of early digital culture. This database includes entries of mobile games (location-based, hybrid reality, pervasive, and handheld) from the years 1977-2008. As a member of the project team, I contributed to the project rationale, design, and database entries (with the project director, Dr. Adriana de Souza e Silva). Additionally, I served on the sponsor team, co-advising a group of senior computer science students in their process of building the database. 

Wolfpack Library Wayfinding App

This was a collaborative project, developed in Dr. Adriana de Souza e Silva’s CRD 791: Mobile Communication course in Fall 2017. In this project, I worked with Mai Xiong and Tyler DeAtley to create a prototype of an indoor wayfinding application that uses Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) beacons to position users within the space of the library. In completing this project, we considered the technical specifications of BLE beacons to determine the costs, affordances, and limitations of using BLE beacons for indoor wayfinding.

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vMLK Web Interface Usability Testing

This was an individually led project, in which I conducted two rounds of usability on the vMLK website and delivered a usability report, offering information about such qualities as accessibility, navigability, searchability, findability. This project occurred under the direction of Dr. Victoria Gallagher as a part of a research assistantship funded by the NEH Digital Projects for the Public Production Grant.  

Cataloging the Mobile Gaming Research Lab's physical collection

In 2017, the Mobile Gaming Research Lab (MGRL) began to acquire a physical collection of mobile gaming consoles and games. As a member of the MGRL, I cataloged the physical collection, under the direction Dr. Adriana de Souza e Silva. The online catalog includes information about each gaming device (maker, year, description) and a photo. The MGRL is currently in the process of of expanding this collection and it descriptions to encourage use of the collection for research and education. 

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Content Audit and Analysis of the Mobile Gaming Research Lab

This was a collaborative project, developed in Dr. Huiling Ding’s ENG 798: Intercultural Technical Communication Course in Spring 2018. In this project, I worked with David Crow and Yeqing Kong to perform a content audit, gap analysis, and competitor analysis of the Mobile Gaming Research Lab’s website. Upon completing this project, we offered a comprehensive recommendation report that detailed potential improvements to the website’s usability, performance, and dynamism.