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Cataloging the Physical Collection

A collection of mobile games and gaming consoles from 1975-early 2000s, currently on public display at NC State and browsable online. 

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Funding and Donations Solicitation

The items in this collection have been donated, purchased with the lab director's research budget, or purchased through grant funds. Since 2018, the lab's director and I have co-authored several successful solicitations for donations and grant proposals. This work has included developing a budget, writing project rationales, and cataloging acquisitions. 


For this project, I (along with other members of the research lab) researched these mobile games and consoles to include finding information about developer, manufacturer, year of release, and requirements for gameplay. Since this information is not centrally located in any particular repository, there have been challenges to finding this information and research remains ongoing. 

Development of Information Structure

The information about the physical collection is located in two places: (i) a public display, currently located in Winston Hall at NC State [see photo below], and (ii) an online catalog on the research lab's website. For the public display, we developed museum-like placards that give brief information about each game or console, necessary to understanding its role in mobile gaming history. For the online catalog, developing an information structure was more challenging, due to the fact that some games are a part of the console or device, while other games are separate from the console (usually as individual cartridges). Thus, we could not simply list games and consoles/devices separately. To resolve this problem, we list consoles, games, proprietary systems, phones as distinct categories within the catalog. We continue to expand the collection and, as we learn more about the history of mobile games, our categories are subject to change. 


  • Public display (2021-). Winston Hall. North Carolina State University.

  • Glover-Rijkse, R., Grandinetti, J., & Ecenbarger, C., & de Souza e Silva, A. (2018). Mobile Gaming Expo. CRDM Symposium: Hybrid Play. Raleigh, North Carolina. 

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