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I am an Assistant Professor of Communication at Methodist University (Fayetteville, North Carolina), and I serve as an affiliate of the Mobile Gaming Research Lab. Currently, I am completing my dissertation at NC State, titled Critically Examining Edge Computing, which will be defended in Spring 2022.

My dissertation focuses on edge computing -- an alleged paradigm shift in computation, which moves computational processing and storage away from cloud infrastructures and onto/close to users' devices. In particular, this dissertation explores how edge computing produces differential spaces, mobilities, and ways of knowing. The implicit goal of this dissertation is to open conversations about how to examine and shape the becoming of emergent networked infrastructures. 

More broadly, my research contributes to current conversations in the areas of media studies, communication, STS, and infrastructure studies. I examine the practices--both past and present--for maintaining network connections, and I seek to understand how these network connections impact communication, mobilities, and interactions in the surrounding world. My work has been published in Mobile Media & CommunicationNew Media & Society; Information, Communication & Society, and several edited collections. I additionally have an edited collection, titled Hybrid Play (with Adriana de Souza e Silva).


I currently teach courses about Speech Communication and Interpersonal Communication, and I am working to build a program in Digital Media & Communication at Methodist. I have previously taught courses about how media (new and old) shape communication practice. These classes include Mobile Communication, Media History & Theory, and Electronic Media Writing.