I am an Assistant Professor of Communication at Methodist University (Fayetteville, North Carolina). My research interests lie at the intersections of networked infrastructures, mobilities, and mobile media. I examine how networked infrastructures contribute to uneven experiences of spaces. Relatedly, I consider how forms of inequality and precarity become structured within mobilities, impacting where, how, and when people move. 

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Hybrid Play (edited collection)

edited by Adriana de Souza e Silva and Ragan Glover-Rijkse

This book explores hybrid play as a site of interdisciplinary activity—one that is capable of generating new forms of mobility, communication, subjects, and artistic expression as well as new ways of interacting with and understanding the world.


The chapters in this collection explore hybrid making, hybrid subjects, and hybrid spaces, generating interesting conversations about the past, current and future nature of hybrid play. Together, the authors offer important insights into how place and space are co-constructed through play; how, when, and for what reasons people occupy hybrid spaces; and how cultural practices shape elements of play and vice versa.

Exploring the material conditions of Pokémon Go play in Rio de Janeiro and Nairobi (2021, with A. de Souza e Silva, A. Njathi, and D. de Cunto Bueno)

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  • Presenting "Examining Edge Computing’s Impact on Networked Mobilities" at International Communication Association

  • Dissertation Defense "At the Network's Edge" (Spring 2022) 

  • Presenting at Computers and Writing (2022) with Anicca Cox, Suzanne Blum Malley, Victoria Houser, and Tyler Easterbrook.